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I ask the questions that help individuals and businesses maximize personal and professional productivity.

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Today’s world is filled with challenges for individuals and organizations. 

And there is an endless supply of ‘answers’ to those challenges. That’s really our biggest problem! Competing and contradictory answers bring a sense of futility and a lack of productivity. Why? All answers are not created equal. Each one is only as valuable as the question that brought it. Meaningful, productive answers will always come from better questions. Remember, our answers demonstrate knowledge but our questions demonstrate wisdom!

Are you living your best possible life? If not, why not? Better questions will lead to more meaningful personal lives and greater business productivity.

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Dr. Burnett is a lifelong learner, gifted communicator and out-of-the-box thinker. 

That combination has enabled him to equip volunteer groups for life-changing work among the people of Kenya, Maasai tribes on the Serengeti, Germany, Spain, Belarus, Australia, the jungles of Central America, the Dominican Republic as well as all three nations of North America.


These challenging experiences have allowed Keith to learn from various cultures and how to make a positive impact in each one. Those real-life lessons and experiences have been harrowing as well as hilarious, but also rewarding and transformative for all involved. And all of it has combined to give Keith a unique perspective on what it takes to build effective, productive teams that succeed in making life better.

Keith is the founder of EquipUs Inc. and currently serves this non-profit as Executive Director. In that role, he works with colleges, universities, businesses, churches and civic groups to staff volunteer teams and to fund the work that brings sustainable, holistic change to impoverished communities.

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And bringing people together from such diverse backgrounds lies well within Keith’s career experiences. Those include time in the corporate workplace, entrepreneur/business owner, pastor, church planter, consultant, and pioneering a successful, new department for R.O.W. (international exploration and development). Sharing from his rich history and unique experiences, Keith not only entertains audiences but provides real-world examples of what can be achieved when helping hands come together.




Questions That TransformMaking a difference in personal and business productivity

How can we build synergy between the goals of employees and the idea of corporate productivity? And what is meant by productivity? To the individual it means their time is used efficiently to accomplish relevant, meaningful tasks and goals. Business leadership sees it as maximizing the return on one of its largest investments: human resources. A sense of productive value in the workforce builds a positive culture. And that culture reinforces efficiency in multiple ways, one of them being increased employee retention. But are there practical, easy ways to build personal and corporate productivity and efficiency? Yes! Just Ask The Right Questions.

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Keith does an exceptional job ‘reading the room’ and speaking into the audience he has. He brings great insight, perspectives, and relevance to the table when speaking. Keith will keep you entertained and engage your brain at the same time. I would recommend Keith highly. 


Jason Terry

Owner & Ceo City Lumber



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